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Courage and Tradition


Wine has been a constant and discreet presence in the history of our family, a passion which I have always appreciated and enjoyed thanks to the resourcefulness and the tenacity of people very close to me.

“Bianco Mimosa” and “Vernaccia di Pietrafitta” are well known names which immediately recall precise scents and flavours. In my case this goes beyond evoking landscapes, memories of times gone by… Feelings.

“Bianco Mimosa” represented a daring idea. My brother and his wife owned a property in Piedmont called “Colle Manora” near Alessandria, an area dominated by a grape variety called Barbera. Their brilliant oenologist was able to insert an aromatic French vine called Viognier admits the typical vines of the area resulting in a sophisticated and delicious white wine.

On the other hand, Vernaccia is the most traditional wine one could imagine: a very ancient Tuscan wine very conform to the personality of my father in law who produced an excellent quality on his property in San Gimignano, called “Vernaccia di Pietrafitta”.

Throughout the years both properties were sold but, my husband and I felt that it was difficult to detach ourselves from that activity which talked about history, tradition, and conviviality. So, in later years neither of us had the slightest hesitation in reconsidering the same adventure… and Tuscany had to be our primary choice.

On a serene and beautiful afternoon of mid-May we arrived for a viewing at “Podere Il Moro” situated in a bizarre desert of variagated clay, nestled in the heart of the “Crete Senesi”. It was a love at first sight, so much so that we immediately began calculations. Just how many hectares would we require to plant new vines and start again making our own wine…Once again to share this adventure that both our families had so enjoyed.

Impossible to resist, a few days later Il Moro was ours and the daring challenge was whether or not to plant international vines instead of native ones. What to do?

Courage and tradition are to me, are the principal characteristics of this world from which for a period I had inevitably detached myself.

It is said that being surrounded by beauty influences our thoughts, our wishes and, our life… I agree.

My passion for art, wine and music has accompanied me throughout life but, what has brought to me new ideas has always been locations where I have had time to pause for thought. Magical places with a pure and positive energy. Regardless of whether at the time I barely touched them, it is how they touched me that made the difference. They have taught me to observe, think, change and ultimately return to them.

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