This marvelous villa occupies a gently sloping site facing west across the fertile Orcia Valley towards the majestic Amiata Mountain. Sheltered to the east by a woodland and surrounded by well-tended gardens, the property includes several acres of vineyards and olive groves on this warm and private hillside.

From the villa and the pool we admire the spellbinding panoramic views over the varied landscape dotted by farms, villages and hill towns. The Orcia Valley and the town of Pienza are both UNESCO world heritage areas – Pienza is also visible from the villa.

The origins of this structure go all the way back to the 9th century when it was built as a watch tower overlooking the pilgrim roads down the valley. It was added on over the centuries, and by the 1950’s it still housed several farming families. Then the building remained empty for a few decades and turned into a ruin, until 1989 when the current owner rescued it and brought it back to life with an extensive rebuilding project using mainly traditional materials.