A440 offers hospitality to all those looking for a chance to relax in one of the most delightful landscapes in all of Tuscany. But the real reason for it is that it is different than everything else because of the building’s modernity — making it stand out in a setting where everything else harks to the past and tradition — and for the uniqueness of the projects connected to music.

Peace, nature, and tranquility. This is what we think when we think of A440. Nestled deep in the quietness of the Porciano woods, you need only to walk a few minutes through the magnificent scenic path of Santa Caterina to get to the bustle of Pienza and its artisan workshops and coming and going of tourists. Surrounded by four acres of protected area with a bio-pond suitable for swimming, it affords a breathtaking view of Val d’Orcia stretching to the peaks of Mount Amiata.

No one would guess that the original building was nothing more than a stable, and not even that old. It was transformed, Cinderella-like, into something magical, a grand salon with panoramic windows on every side. It underwent renovations that were lengthy because they paid special attention to respecting the environment and to energy savings. The results are a state-of-the-art building systems for excellent insulation, with a geothermal heating and cooling system, solar panels, and a drip irrigation system with several rainwater recovery tanks, mulching for the green areas to avoid using herbicides, targeted outdoor lighting to minimize environmental impact, and materials that are as natural as possible to limit the use of plastics.

And then there are the bedrooms, which feature private green spaces or windows with views and skylights, along with futons for stargazing and never losing sight of nature.

Then we have the scenic terraces, lounge corners, and vegetable gardens with every plant chosen for its healing qualities…It could go on for hours to tell you the reason behind every single distinguishing choice, but let the pictures tell you everything that A440 means.